Win a copy of “Bike Boom” signed by me, Joe Breeze and Charlie Kelly

Yesterday I was visited by MTB royalty. Joe Breeze and Charlie Kelly are in the UK for a talking tour and they drove up from Scunthorpe to pop in for a coffee (I also took them for a walk on Hadrian’s Wall). Joe built the first bespoke MTB, and Charlie Kelly – along with then business partner Gary Fisher – coined the term “Mountain Bike”.

Joe is also custodian of the Marin Museum of Bicycling and was into bike history even before he joined with others to create mountain biking as we know it. He kindly wrote the foreword to “Bike Boom”. Why Joe? He was a “baby boomer” road cyclist who was active during the 1970s bike boom in America, had a pivotal role in creating the mountain-bike boom of the 1980s, and in the 1990s he morphed into a transportation cycling evangelist with his influential Breezer brand.

Joe and Charlie kindly signed a copy of “Bike Boom” and this unique copy could be yours. To be in with a chance you have to correctly answer a question: “Which page of the book did Charlie sign?” You can guess if you like (you have more than 250 numbers to choose from) or you could listen to this podcast interview with Joe and Charlie – we discuss which page number he should sign. [NOTE: the competition is now closed. It was won by Dave Canter. Thanks to all those who entered. The answer, by the way, was page one.)

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