Just 2 percent of motorists plan to be nicer to cyclists in 2017, finds AA poll


According to the AA more than half of its members plan to drive less in 2017. The poll of 17,979 AA members found that the most common New Year’s driving resolution was to walk more. Ten percent will also try to cycle more.

But the least popular resolution – with less than 2 percent of all respondents selecting it – was “I will try to be more courteous to cyclists”. There was a disappointingly similar result for “I will try to park legally more often.”


Populus received 17,979 responses from AA members to its online poll between 13th and 20th December 2016.

One thought on “Just 2 percent of motorists plan to be nicer to cyclists in 2017, finds AA poll”

  1. Hum – I didn’t see the original poll – but the way it is explained above it looks like the questions were badly phrased. E.g. I would not have chosen “be more courteous to cyclists” – I am always as courteous as possible! Similarly I would not choose “I will try to park legally more often” – as far as I know I have never parked illegally.

    Walking more is certainly an option that would be useful self improvement though! I tend to get on my bike to go even a couple of hundred metres.

    Maybe these results are not as pessimistic as they might appear at first!

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